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Welcome Everyone !

I am Roumpi, Customer Service Manager at EZ Pet Life™. First of all, Thanks for your interest in our Brand and we truly hope that you will enjoy the EZ Pet Life soon!

Our Story began when we noticed the big gap that our local's pet stores were facing.

First, the prices are always way too high, because there is a middleman between their stores and the manufacturers. Also, we were astounded by how new and innovative products were not being pushed on the market fast enough.

  🍁Canadian Brand

At EZ Pet Life™, we are a Family of passionate Pet Lovers, so these facts we're shocking us. That's how the idea of creating a brand has come in our mind! Our Goal is to provide the highest quality products, at the best prices by cutting the middleman, and giving back to our Pet lovers community.

 🐈 Your Purchases Support Pet Rescues

At EZ Pet Life™, we strive to provide Our Customers with the Best Online Shopping Experience. The Most Important part for Us is the Connection we establish with All Our Customers and their Fur Family.

 ✅ 24/7 Customer Support

At EZ Pet Life™, Customer Service is our priority, your satisfaction is our main motivation.

  🔒 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Team EZ Pet Life™ 

For Pet Lovers, By Pet Lovers !


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